Mini Displayport

It is said to be a miniatures version of Digital port for audio-visual interface. Apple Inc. where all the Macintosh computers had the port and it is said to be used in LED cinema display introduced this in October 2008. The mini Displayport can be fitted to the PC motherboards and notebooks as well.

This port can drive display devices up to the resolution of 2560*1600 in its Displayport 1.1 implementation and higher resolutions for the higher versions of the ports. This is a perk for the user as Apple gives a free license to the user who wants to use the Mini Displayport but the latter reserves the right to cancel the license as well.

The company actually replaced the DVI port in a few versions of the Macintosh computers. There might be a problem with the compatibility if it is used for the video connecter for 24-inch display. It is said that Displayport specification support the digital audio for the video which is being played. In the previous versions it is said that there was no support for the audio signal through the port. At present, the display port is compatible and rich in functionalities as well.